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Digital Halal Book
Digital Halal Book Malaysia's export of al products have surplus e value of One Billion Ringgit which has been increased at least forty percent compared in year 2009. There has been strong demand from the members of the Organization of the Islamic Conference (OIC), though trade level among OIC traders is still low. Nevertheless, Malaysia is in a strong position to register higher trade volume. With 1.8 billion people of Muslim around the world, the demand for halal products is simply tremendous. Malaysia has taken steps to place itself as a halal hub. This is supported with the various policies and initiatives, cascaded to all state governments when then set their own halal hubs and specialisation. "Halal" carries universal value of cleanliness, beneficial and wholesome. Food items and ingredients should not have pork, alcohol or any unhealthy derivatives. Slaughtering of animals for food should also conform to Islamic rites. Halal products are not confined to Muslims and, of late, non-Muslims have acquired heightened awareness on the benefits of halal products. In fact, a significant amount of halal products in Malaysia are produced by non-Muslims, with their manufacturing facilities adhering to strict good manufacturing practices.

JAKIM E-Halal Merchants and sellers that would like to apply al certificate for products, food premises, slaughter house,renew certificates and others can be apply through online. Changes of any information can be updated after registration. Please discreet any username and password to any unrelated parties to avoid data discrepancy.

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