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Mengancam! Gambaran Kedua Model Proton Preve Versi Hatchback

Sebelum ini kita pernah melihat Proton Preve versi hatchback yang sengaja direka orang awam untuk memberi gambaran sendiri. Namun kali ini ia dipercayai sebagai gambar prototaip Proton Preve hatchback. – Mengancam! Gambaran Kedua Model Proton Preve Versi Hatchback | Sebelum ini pernah menyiarkan gambaran awal yang telah ‘diphotoshopkan’ model proton Preve versi hatchback (LINK), namun kali ini ia adalah gambaran kedua yang bakal akan keluar tidak lama lagi. Walaubagaimanapun versi ini tidak akan diperkenalkan di Malaysia, namun akan mula diperkenalkan di pasaran Australia awal tahun 2014. Boleh lihat gambar di bawah ini.
Sewaktu sidang media memperkenalkan dua model baharu Proton di Australia International Motor Show (AIMS) 2012 baru-baru ini, Pengerusi Eksekutif Proton Holdings Berhad, Datuk Seri Mohd Khamil Jamil telah mengesahkan bahawa model Preve dalam versi ‘hatchback’ akan diperkenalkan di pasaran Australia mulai awal 2014.
Melihat kepada kenyataan tersebut, Preve hatchback dijangka akan dilancarkan di pasaran Malaysia paling lewat pada pertengahan tahun 2013. Ini bermakna versi prototaip model itu bakal dilihat di jalan raya tidak lama lagi. Namun belum dapat dipastikan sama ada Preve hatchback akan dibekalkan kotak gear manual untuk digandingkan bersama enjin CFE.
Menurut beberapa spekulasi awal sebelum ini, Proton telah membuat keputusan untuk tidak memperkenalkan Preve hatchback CFE versi manual atas alasan permintaan pasaran yang kurang untuk kereta jenis tersebut. Sebagai pembuat kereta, Proton perlu mengutamakan keuntungan berbanding mengeluarkan kereta dalam pasaran ‘niche’ yang sukar memberikan pulangan modal.
Walau apa pun spekulasi yang timbul, prototaip Preve hatchback antara model yang dinantikan-nantikan kemunculannya di jalan raya ketika ini. Jika bernasib baik, kita boleh melihat gambaran awal reka bentuk Preve hatchback dalam tempoh masa 2 atau 3 bulan lagi. Sehingga itu, adakah Proton Preve hatchback mempunyai reka bentuk sama seperti gambaran imej di atas? - Oh jadi bermakna, gambaran di atas masih lagi belum dikira gambaran sebenar dan hanya dikira sebagai versi prototaip sahaja. Kita tunggu sahaja dari pihak proton tentang versi hatchback yang bakal keluar pada tahun hadapan. Proton melihat versi hatchback juga mampu memberikan pulangan keuntungan yang berganda seperti yang dilakukan oleh syarikat-syarikat lain.

Source: Arena Kereta | Koleksi Automatif
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GALLERY: Five generations of the Mercedes-Benz SL

The launch of the sixth-generation Mercedes-Benz SL this afternoon was the perfect chance for Mercedes-Benz Malaysia to highlight the rich history of the company’s celebrated Sport Leicht series, which started all the way back in the 1950s. That’s six generations spanning 60 years.
They managed to assemble a brilliant speciment of every SL generation, with some help from Sultan Ibrahim of Johor, who brought his two immaculate first-gen W198 SL300s – the famous Gullwing and a roadster. The silver duo were positioned on stage, flanking the freshly launched R231.

Below the stage, Mercedes parked the following SLs in a row, starting from the curvy 190 SL (a cheaper, less fast sibling of the Gullwing, related to Merc’s W121 Ponton saloon) to the recent “peanut eyed” pre-facelift R230 SL, which I think looks sleeker than the 2008 facelift and today’s SL.
Also in attendence were the second-gen W113, a bright red example of the 80s icon that was the R107 and the SL with the sharpest lines – the curve-free fourth-gen R129.
Simply beautiful. Gallery after the jump.

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MAHSA University College Corporate Video

First MDA-WDA-Industry partnership offering music training programmes in lyrics & melody writing and music arrangement


Singapore, 15 January 2013 – The Media Development Authority of Singapore (MDA) and the Singapore Workforce Development Agency (WDA) have partnered two established music companies – Ocean Butterflies Music and Funkie Monkies Pop Music School – to offer local music training programmes in lyrics writing, melody writing and music arrangement for music talents. This is the first partnership between MDA, WDA and the music sector.
Under this joint government and industry effort, music professionals, media freelancers and newbies will receive MDA grants of up to 90 per cent of the course fee under MDA’s Talent Assistance Grant Scheme (More information can be found at: Media freelancers can enjoy an additional training allowance of $7.50 per training hour. On top of training grants, newbies will enjoy training allowances of up to $1,000 per month for three months from WDA. Up to 80 individuals are expected to benefit from the programme in the first year. More details on grant eligibility can be found in Annex A.
This initiative comes on the back of a series of efforts[1] by MDA recently to help local music professionals market and develop themselves, thereby creating a more vibrant music sector.
Mr Yeo Chun Cheng, Assistant Chief Executive (Industry), MDA said: “Lyricists and composers like Xiaohan, Lee Wei Song, Lee Si Song and Dr Liang Wern Fook have done Singapore proud by creating great, award-winning music for some of Asia’s best Mandopop stars from Hong Kong, China, Taiwan and Malaysia. Through this first-ever training collaboration with industry partners, we now hope to nurture another generation of talented musicians who can drive Singapore’s reputation for accomplished music creation even deeper into Asia. Ocean Butterflies and Funkie Monkies are natural partners in this endeavour since both are well established and have proven, valuable experience in providing such training.”
Mr Azzli Jamain, Director, Creative & Professional Services Division, WDA said: “WDA is pleased to collaborate with MDA and industry partners to foster the development of music talents to support the music industry. The partnership with the key industry players will allow aspiring local talents to learn from experienced and notable music experts, as well as harness their soft skills to enable them to move up to the next level in their music career.”
The Courses
There are four different courses offered by Ocean Butterflies Music and Funkie Monkies Pop Music School. Applications open now and will close on 1 March 2013. Ocean Butterflies will conduct the course preview on 26 January 2013 while Funkie Monkies will offer their course preview on 27 January 2013. The courses are:
  • Songwriting & Composing by Ocean Butterflies
  • Music Arrangement by Ocean Butterflies
  • Career in Hit Melodies Writing by Funkie Monkies
  • Career in Hit Lyrics Writing by Funkie Monkies
Courses provided by Ocean Butterflies Music
The first course – Songwriting & Composing – will see participants pick up skills in writing and creating songs. Under the second course Music Arrangement, participants will learn how to arrange a song. For both courses, participants will also acquire technical skills in Midi & Synthesis as well as Digital Audio in Logic Pro. Both courses are six months in duration, spanning 300 hours each, and cost $9,000 per course.
At the end of both courses, participants will have a portfolio of works created to showcase their capabilities, which they can then pitch to the entertainment industry such as film and television producers and record companies through Ocean Butterflies’ network.
Through the course, graduates can expect to find career opportunities in multiple media industries – such as in music, digital media, live show, gaming, film and television – as record producer, sound designer, songwriter, song composer and theatre sound designer.
Colin Goh, Founder and Director of Ocean Butterflies said: “In today’s market, the competition is coming from all over the world and it is that much harder for newcomers to be pioneers in a global market. Thus, we have created this programme to bring our students up to a level where they can compete on an international scale.”
Courses provided by Funkie Monkies Pop Music School
The first course – Career in Hit Melodies Writing – will see participants learn from renowned local music songwriters/music producers Eric Ng and Jim Lim. Both Eric and Jim had worked with A-list artistes including A-Mei (张惠妹), Show Luo (罗志祥) and Wakin Chau (周华健). Through the course, participants will pick up industry standard melody writing techniques, tips on writing-on-demand, advanced chord theory and aural training. This nine-month course costs $3,150.
The second course – Career in Hit Lyrics Writing – will be taught by award-winning lyricist Xiaohan. Some of Xiaohan’s achievements include ‘Singapore Hit Awards Best Local Lyricist’ and ‘Taiwan Golden Melody nominee for Best Lyricist’. Through the course, participants will acquire industry standard writing techniques for lyrics, including filling words into the tune and developing inspirations into lyrics. The course fee for this six-month course is $2,100.
Throughout both courses, participants will have a chance to pitch their works to various record companies and top Mandarin pop artistes through Funkie Monkies’ established music publishing network.
Xiaohan, lyricist and founder of Funkie Monkies Productions said: “I have met many talented Singaporean songwriters who have the ability to pen beautiful lines that evoke much emotions. What they need to learn is how to put those beautiful lines together into a song. With MDA and WDA’s support, aspiring songwriters can learn from industry professionals and who knows, that song could be the next Mandopop hit in Asia!”
See Annex B for more details of both courses.
Annex A: Eligibility of grants
Annex B: Course Details
Annex C: List of WSQ courses for Eligible Trainees supported by WDA’s Training Allowance

[1] These initiatives are: under Development Assistance Grant Scheme, unsigned bands and artistes can receive a grant of up to $8,000 to produce a music single and a press kit; under Production Assistance Grant Scheme, artistes and bands already signed to music labels can produce Extended Plays (EPs) and albums with grants of up to 40% of the Singapore Spend. In October, MDA further announced a joint-call for proposal with MediaCorp to give national exposure to local music on free-to-air television and radio. Under this arrangement, local music companies and musicians will score and produce original theme songs for seven MediaCorp dramas in Chinese, English and Malay.

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Panasonic perkenal komputer tablet baru


Oleh Che Wan Badrul Amin Cetak
Pengunjung melihat lebih dekat komputer tablet 4K IPS Alpha panel LCD ketika  Pameran Elektronik Pengguna Antarabangsa 2013 (CES 2013)  di Las Vegas.Pengunjung melihat lebih dekat komputer tablet 4K IPS Alpha panel LCD ketika Pameran Elektronik Pengguna Antarabangsa 2013 (CES 2013) di Las Vegas.
Sasar komersil 4K IPS Alpha panel LCD menjelang akhir tahun

Las Vegas: Panasonic Corporation menutup tirai Pameran Elektronik Pengguna Antarabangsa 2013 (CES 2013) semalam dengan sasaran mengkomersilkan komputer tablet 4K IPS Alpha panel LCD terbarunya menjelang akhir tahun ini.
Sasaran itu menjadi petunjuk syarikat gergasi elektronik Jepun itu kini agresif meneroka bidang perniagaan baru dan bernilai tinggi khusus kepada semua segmen penggunaan dalam indsutri.

Pengguna kini menuju kepada penggunaan produk tanpa kertas dalam semua perkara, namun teknologi paparan yang dimiliki industri kini terlalu terhad untuk membaca akhbar atau pelan yang memerlukan paparan lebih luas," Kazuhiro Tsuga, Presiden Panasonic Corporation

Boleh penuhi kekurangan komputer

Presidennya, Kazuhiro Tsuga, berkata inisiatif memperkenalkan komputer tablet dengan skrin besar berukuran 20 inci itu kepada pengguna tercetus hasil daripada teknologi paparan termaju yang dimiliki syarikat itu.

Katanya, beliau berpendapat pengenalan tablet seumpama itu bakal memenuhi kekurangan komputer atau tablet pengguna yang mempunyai saiz dan resolusi terlalu kecil.

“Pengguna kini menuju kepada penggunaan produk tanpa kertas dalam semua perkara, namun teknologi paparan yang dimiliki industri kini terlalu terhad untuk membaca akhbar atau pelan yang memerlukan paparan lebih luas.
“Pemahaman terhadap had teknologi itu merangsang kami mulakan inisiatif membangunkan prototaip tablet 4K yang menawarkan sistem operasi termaju, beresolusi ultra-tinggi, imej berkualiti dan sudut pandangan yang luas untuk dimanfaatkan sepenuhnya oleh pengguna daripada semua bidang, katanya dalam sidang media di Las Vegas, Amerika Syarikat, Sabtu lalu.

Kelebihan tablet

Tablet dengan teknologi LCD 20 inci itu memaparkan resolusi paparan 4K pada 3840 x 2560 atau 9.83 juta piksel iaitu lebih dua kali ganda bagi kedua-dua dimensi resolusi HD penuh (1920 x 1080) dan mempunyai ketumpatan pencahayaan 230 piksel setiap inci bagi memberikan paparan warna imej berkualiti tinggi.

Kadar paparan 15:10 membolehkan pengguna memiliki paparan hampir kepada saiz kertas A3, sesuai untuk kandungan akhbar, majalah, gambar dan pelan bangunan.

Komputer yang dipacu platform sistem operasi Windows 8 itu turut ditawarkan bersama pen digital beresolusi tinggi (Anoto Live pen), yang membolehkan pengguna membuat lakaran untuk dikongsi dengan berbilang tablet di lokasi yang berjauhan secara ‘live’.
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The Singapore Institute of Retail Studies (SIRS)

The Singapore Institute of Retail Studies (SIRS)

The Singapore Institute of Retail Studies (SIRS)
The Singapore Institute of Retail Studies (SIRS) is a CET (Continuing Education &
Training) Institute of Nanyang Polytechnic. It was the first CET Centre set up in
January 2006 as a collaborative project between Singapore Workforce
Development Agency (WDA) and Nanyang Polytechnic (NYP) to upgrade the
skills profile and to raise the professionalism of the retail workforce in Singapore.
Through various skills-upgrading programmes and services for the industry,
SIRS aims to build a world-class and customer-centric retail workforce for Singapore.
We are not just another training provider - Our Role and Services
As a training institute for the retail industry, SIRS is your workforce development partner.
Our comprehensive services include:
  • Enhancing the capability of the retail professionals with relevant a
  • nd industry-recognised training and development.
  • Developing training programs through research-driven course development
  • and world-class adult education and training pedagogy.
  • Matching trained and nationally-certified workers to retailers' manpower needs.
  • Developing & sustaining new knowledge, especially on retail trends
  • and strategies for the regional market to sustain a competitive retail sector.
  • Providing best practices and standards in the retail sector through applied
  • research, reports & information.
Our Track Record
Since 2006, SIRS has trained more than 40,000 individuals in the Retail WSQ
programmes and delivered over 83,000 training places.
Headed by a Director and supported by a team of 32 administrative and support
staff. SIRS has 14 experienced full-time trainers who are ACTA qualified. In addition,
SIRS has a pool of over 78 qualified Associate Trainers who have working
experience in the retail, hospitality, training and/or service sectors of the economy.
Our Vision

To be a premier CET
Institute of global distinction

Our Mission

SIRS provides easy access, market driven and quality
continuing education & training courses to upgrade and professionalise the
skills of the Singapore Workforce in the retail and service sectors in a
globalised knowledge economy. SIRS will also harness its resources, expertise,
creativity and innovation to support the development of business solutions for
the retail and service industry, and to complement Singapore’s globalisation

SIRS’ 2026 Sq Meters campus occupying 3 levels
at Toa Payoh HDB Hub consists of the following:

Our Training Rooms 14 well-appointed training rooms which can be customised to the different training and learning needs of the participants, and 1 Executive Seminar Room. The furniture is mobile to allow for easy moving and trainers are able to form multiple training configurations like U-shaped, cluster or theatre style, according to their training delivery needs.
Our Point-of-Sales (POS) Lab A POS lab with 20 Wincor Nixdorf POS machines set up for realistic Point-of-Sales (POS) System training which allows learners to learn the many functions of POS, such as Nets transaction, Item Scan and Visa Payment.
Our Visual Merchandising (VM) Lab A versatile and adaptable facility equipped with flexible retail systems transformable into different retail formats to simulate retail space. This facility provides a realistic and dynamic environment for learners and trainers to apply VM principles, explore VM solutions and experiment new applications


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Sprint's Samsung Galaxy Nexus gets Android 4.2 update

The Sprint version of Samsung's smartphone is the latest to receive the newest Jelly Bean software update, while the Verizon model is left behind.

Scott Webster

by Scott Webster

The Galaxy Nexus may be more than a year old, but this Android 4.2 update keeps it current.
(Credit: CBS Interactive)
The Sprint version of the Samsung Galaxy Nexus has begun receiving the Android 4.2 software update, according to various reports surfacing this week.
The 98MB file can be manually downloaded and installed, but the carrier has yet to make any formal announcements.
CNET has contacted Sprint for comment and will update the article with any response.
Sprint may have been months behind Verizon releasing the Galaxy Nexus, but the smaller carrier has been much more active in offering updates. The Verizon model, for its part, is still running Jelly Bean 4.1.1.
While this isn't the worst situation to be in, it does add fuel to the fragmentation fire. Both devices are considered a "Pure Google" experience, which means they should be first in line to receive an OS update. However, Sprint's phone is now four small version updates ahead of Verizon's model.
Since Google is hosting the 4.2 software file directly on its servers (ZIP file,) it is only a matter of time before Sprint pushes the update itself.
Those who like to take things into their own hands can flash the ROM on their phone today, though I suspect the over-the-air version is right around the corner.

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Find more photos like this on Whazzup-U

SEGi University College, Malaysia

Misi mencari teh di Cameron Highland


PENGUNJUNG yang datang ke ladang teh di Cameron Highlands berpeluang melihat sendiri proses pembuatan teh dengan lebih dekat .
ERCUTIAN ke tanah tinggi Cameron Highlands sangat dinantikan oleh penulis tambahan pula dapat meluangkan masa bersama rakan-rakan dalam suasana yang nyaman dan sejuk.
Perjalanan dari Kuala Lumpur mengambil masa sekitar lima jam. Setibanya di sana, kami memilih untuk menginap di sebuah pangsapuri yang terletak di Tanah Rata, tidak jauh dari pasar malam yang terkenal dengan kunjungan pelancong dari dalam dan luar negara.
Setelah menyiapkan diri di bilik, kami memulakan perjalanan menerokai bumi Cameron Hinglands bermula dari Tanah Rata hingga ke Brinchang.
Di sana, kami melalui kebun-kebun sayuran yang terletak di tepi jalan besar dan kami juga singgah di kebun strawberi yang turut menyediakan kedai menjual barangan berasaskan buah tersebut serta bunga-bungaan segar.

Intel's bet on Windows 8 'convertibles' iffy, say analysts


The chipmaker is betting pretty heavily on Windows 8 convertible designs to rescue the PC. But analysts say they don't see a lot of designs yet that could turn things around.

Lenovo IdeaPad Yoga 13 convertible.
Lenovo IdeaPad Yoga 13 convertible.
(Credit: CNET)
Intel is betting a chunk of its PC future on so-called convertibles. So far, financial analysts aren't convinced these are designs that will win the day.
Newfangled laptops that perform mechanical acrobatics to convert to tablet mode, like Lenovo's Yoga convertible and Dell's XPS 12, aren't impressive enough yet to revive PC-market doldrums, according to a growing chorus of financial analysts who follow Intel.
On Thursday, Intel CEO Paul Otellini, speaking during an earnings conference call, tried to depict convertible PC designs as the best of both worlds: the laptop and the tablet. In essence, he said laptop convertibles can thwart the tablet onslaught from Apple, Google, Samsung, and Amazon.
Analysts aren't so sure -- at least not with the current crop of systems.
Wait-and-see story: "On the PC side, [Intel] is exposed to a slower replacement cycle and mobile cannibalization as Win 8 and ultrabooks have underwhelmed. We believe its vision of a computing ecosystem moving to a convertible PC/tablet device is a 'wait and see' story." --Doug Freedman, RBC Capital Markets, in a research note posted today.
Convertibles not well designed: "The convertible products we have seen so far do not appear to be well designed." --Gus Richard, Piper Jaffray, writing today about how Intel-based convertible laptops impact Intel's earnings.
Uninspired designs at CES: "The [Intel-based] x86 designs we played with were relatively uninspired (thick, clumsy, unrefined), and price points remain high (~$1K and above)." --Chris Whitmore, Deutsche Bank Equity Research, writing recently about his take-away from CES.
Incrementally encouraged: A Citibank research note posted today titled "INTC: A Tough Pill to Swallow for Now" actually had one of the more upbeat takes on convertibles, though it was tempered by a cautious optimism. "We concur with Intel's view that a slew of new touch-based devices combined with a potentially improving macro environment and an aging installed base could conspire to drive such above seasonal growth...That said, there is sufficient uncertainty to keep us on the sidelines this early in 2013."
Part of the problem is that some current Windows 8 convertible-laptop designs are hampered by less-than-well-conceived mechanisms that flip or swivel the laptop's screen into tablet mode. That's the root of the "clumsy" and "not well designed" comments.
Also, once in tablet mode, some convertible designs become in effect a thick, heavy tablet because the screen sits on top of the keyboard which, in turn, sits on top of the laptop's main chassis.
On the other hand, so-called detachables, like HP's Envy x2 and Microsoft's Surface, tend to be more elegant designs because the keyboard can be detached and the systems can then function as a light, thin, standalone tablet.

The Acer Aspire S7 is a sleek, attractive Windows 8 touch-screen laptop that is neither a convertible nor a detachable.
The Acer Aspire S7 is a sleek, attractive Windows 8 touch-screen laptop that is neither a convertible nor a detachable.
(Credit: Brooke Crothers)

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DNA: Ujian genetik yang mengubah hidup


Photo Credit: Google Images

DUNIA sekarang semakin canggih. Dengan darah yang kurang sesudu teh, saintis dapat mengesan lebih 2,500 jenis masalah kesihatan yang dialami, malah yang bakal datang satu hari nanti.
500 daripadanya mampu dirawat awal.
Melalui sesudu teh darah itu juga, ujian genetik sudah dapat mengesan apa yang bakal dihadapi seorang bayi apabila dia meningkat dewasa. Saintis turut dapat memeriksa kesemua 21,000 genetik yang mengalami mutasi yang mampu meningkatkan risiko pelbagai penyakit.
Bayangkan, melalui ujian ringkas DNA, kita dapat mengetahui sama ada anak kita mempunyai risiko diabetes di masa depan lantas boleh mengawal diet anak-anak dari awal.
Jika mereka berisiko untuk menghidap asma yang kronik, langkah pencegahan seperti tidak membela haiwan atau menghindar pengambilan sebarang makanan yang boleh menjadi pencetus masalah tersebut.


Tarik minat remaja


SEbahagian pelajar program KTB GiatMara-Utusan Malaysia yang mengikuti kursus fesyen sedang dibimbing oleh tenaga pengajar GiatMara.
KELAB Teknologi Bumiputera (KTB) yang ditubuhkan oleh GiatMara bersama rakan strategiknya, Utusan Malaysia merupakan platform bagi menarik minat golongan remaja menceburi bidang kemahiran teknikal dan vokasional di negara ini.
Pengerusi GiatMara, Datuk Shahiruddin Ab. Moin berkata, penubuhan KTB GiatMara-Utusan Malaysia bakal memberikan kesan positif dalam memupuk minat dan kecenderungan pelajar bumiputera di seluruh negara terhadap bidang tersebut.
"Program yang dianjurkan KTB GiatMara-Utusan Malaysia di seluruh negara dilihat mencapai matlamat untuk mendedahkan pelajar dengan ilmu-ilmu kemahiran.
"Peserta yang terlibat ditempatkan di beberapa pusat GiatMara dan sekolah berkenaan dengan 40 pelajar bagi setiap pusat GiatMara untuk mengikuti kursus kemahiran yang diminati mereka.
"Setiap peserta didedahkan dengan ilmu kemahiran, antaranya membuat kek dan pastri, pendawaian elektrik, pertukangan dan membaiki motosikal," katanya ketika ditemui pada majlis Pelancaran dan Penyampaian Sijil KTB GiatMara-Utusan Malaysia Peringkat Negeri Pahang baru-baru ini.
Yang turut hadir, Ketua Pegawai Eksekutif GiatMara, Meriam Abd. Majid dan Pengarang Pendidikan Utusan Malaysia, Wahid Hashim.
Program KTB-Utusan Malaysia itu melibatkan 14 bidang kursus yang ditawarkan GiatMara termasuk teknologi automotif, elektronik audio visual, kimpalan, teknologi motosikal, rekaan fesyen dan pakaian, masakan serta pramusaji di samping teknologi pembekuan dan penyaman udara.
Shahiruddin berkata, antara objektif program kursus itu adalah merangsang dan menggilap bakat pelajar dalam bidang kemahiran selain memperkenalkan GiatMara sebagai salah satu pusat pengajian yang boleh disertai pelajar apabila tamat Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia (SPM).
"Kita lihat sepanjang lima hari program ini, maklum balas yang diterima daripada keluarga dan pelajar sangat menggalakkan. Ada yang mencadangkan program KTB dilanjutkan tempohnya.
Katanya, kerjasama akhbar Utusan Malaysia sebagai penganjur bersama program KTB GiatMara-Utusan Malaysia dan pakar motivasi, Dr. Ismail Mohd. Zain membantu melicinkan perjalanan program.
Pihaknya berharap kerjasama seperti itu dapat diteruskan lagi di masa akan datang.
Dalam pada itu Shahiruddin berkata, GiatMara memperuntukkan RM2 juta untuk program tersebut yang membabitkan 9,240 peserta dari seluruh negara bagi memberi peluang golongan muda mengikuti latihan kemahiran.
"Program ini menyokong pelan transformasi pendidikan negara yang diumumkan Perdana Menteri, Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak. Prinsip 1 Insan 1 Kemahiran yang diperjuangkan oleh GiatMara juga akan lebih tersebar luas di setiap kawasan Parlimen.
"Dengan jumlah Pusat GiatMara di seluruh negara 231 buah, menjadikannya antara institusi pendidikan pertengahan lepasan sekolah terbesar di negara ini." katanya

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© Utusan Melayu (M) Bhd

Proving their worth


Standing tall: The graduates proudly pose for a group photo at their convocation. Standing tall: The graduates proudly pose for a group photo at their convocation.

IT WAS a happy day for 712 students when they graduated from Stamford College recently.
Most of them graduated with degrees from the college’s partner universities: the University of East London and the University of Ballarat, Australia.
At the convocation, valedictorian Lily Chow captured the hearts of the audience when she spoke on her struggle to prove her worth with a university degree.
Lily, whose parents run a food stall in Segambut, said her parents had always encouraged her to fulfil her ambition. Sadly, her father passed away just a few months before her final examinations last year.
Urging her fellow graduates not to fear failure, the Star Education Fund scholarship recipient said: “Success is never final and failure is never fatal.”
Lily obtained First Class Honours in International Business from the University of East London and is currently on a scholarship to pursue a Master in Business Administration (MBA) from the University of Ballarat.
Deputy Education Minister Datuk Dr Wee Ka Siong was the guest of honour and presented the scrolls to those graduating with a degree.
Dr Wee advised the graduates to continue updating their knowledge and encouraged them to continue learning even after graduation.
“Today, a university qualification will give us no assurance of the quality of our learning unless we maintain the means to continue learning.
“It is a process that you have to discover for yourself — how to learn and to keep on learning,” he said.
The University of Ballarat’s senior deputy vice-chancellor Prof Rowena Coutts conferred the scrolls to those graduating from the MBA programme.

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Discounts & Offers: 1Malaysia Student Discount Card (Kad Diskaun Siswa 1Malaysia, KADS1M)

Discounts & Offers: 1Malaysia Student Discount Card (Kad Diskaun Siswa 1Malaysia, KADS1M)
1Malaysia Student Discount Card (Kad Diskaun Siswa 1Malaysia or KADS1M) was launched by Ministry of Domestic Trade, Co-Operatives and Consumerism with the objective to help undergraduates and students at private and public education institutions of higher learning to reduce the daily cost of living. Students need not apply for this card. The higher learning institutions are responsible to submit the information of the students to Bank Rakyat instead.

KADS1M are given for free to students who pass all the following criteria but the government is considering to include overseas, distance-learning and part-time students:
  • Currently pursuing higher education with minimum 1 year term (certificate, diploma, degree, masters, phd) in Malaysia
  • Full-time students
  • Malaysians
The Star Online wrote,
Kad Diskaun Siswa 1Malaysia (KADS1M)
1Malaysia Student Discount Card
Govt to extend 1Malaysia discount card to overseas and part-time Malaysian students
KUALA LUMPUR: Malaysians studying overseas and part-time students at higher learning institutions will soon be able to enjoy the benefit of the 1Malaysia Student Discount Card (KADS1M).

"However, after receiving positive feedback, the ministry is considering to extend the scope to include overseas, distance-learning and part-time students.

Rohani added that 927,397 cards have been distributed and students who had applied could collect their card by the end of the month.
1Malaysia student discount cards are being distributed in batches to students at local public universities since September while local private universities, colleges and other higher education institutions from October 2012 onwards.

Using 1Malaysia Student Discount Card, students will enjoy the benefit of up to 60% discounts at various retail outlets and shops around the country. Specific discount rates offered by participating merchants are only for selected products and services according to the terms the conditions set by the respective merchants.

Discount Highlights for 1Malaysia Student Discount Card Holders

  • Desa Water Park: 15% Discount on Ticket
  • Bukit Merah Laketown Resort: 10% discount for waterpark, watereco & waterpark combo
  • The Lost World of Tambun: 10% discount on up to 6 entrance tickets per card
  • i-City: 10% discount at Snowalk & Water World
  • Clara International Beauty: 10% discount
  • KLIA Transit: 30% discount on one way ticket
  • Malaysia Airline System (MAS): 10% to 25% discount on Economy market fares, additional 10kg baggage allowance, parent to get 10% discount from applicable Economy market fares to parents of student for Induction and Graduation ceremonies
  • FireFly: 50% discounts on Y class fare, 20kg complementary checked baggage, complementary refreshment on board
  • Rapid KL: Student RapidPass 50% discount for bus 33% discount for bus, LRT and Monorail
  • A&W: 50% discount on regular and large root beers
  • Daily Fresh: 10% discount
  • KFC: 5% discount for transaction below RM20
  • Little Taiwan: 10% discount on minimum RM30 purchase from ala carte menu
  • Marrybrown: 10% discount on total amount in a single receipt
  • Station One Cafe: 5% discount
  • The Chicken Rice Shop: Special student meal @ RM9.90nett
  • Focus Point: 20% to 50% discounts on selected frames and sunglasses
  • Optical 88: 5% to 10% discount
  • Kinokuniya Book Stores: 10% discount on normal price book
  • Koperasi Dewan Bahasa Dan Pustaka Malaysia Berhad: 5% - 15% discount
  • MPH Bookstores: 10% discount on normal price book and stationery
  • Times Bookstore: 10% discount on normal-priced books, 5% discount on stationery and magazines
  • Metro Driving Academy: RM200 Discount for New Driving License Class B2 (Motorcycle below 250cc) and D (Car)
  • Mydin: Special price on selected non-food items
Visit for the most complete and updated list of all discount offers by the participating merchants.


iPhone 5 Now Available From Apple Online Store Malaysia


Friday, 14 December 2012 11:29
APART from the three major telcos in Malaysia, the new iPhone 5 is also now available through Apple Malaysia’s own online store. While it might take few days longer for it to actually arrive on customers hand, it is a good way to purchase the device for those who are not in a hurry or not planning to sign up to a telco plan.
Just like what we have pointed out previously and double verified by Senheng’s announcement earlier today, Apple Online Store Malaysia has listed the device at RM 2199 (16GB), RM 2499 (32GB) and RM 2799 (64GB). According to the calculations given to the store at our visit, customers should be able to receive the device by December 18. Interestingly, the Lightning to USB Cable going to take slightly longer to be shipped though as you can see below.
Pix: Lowyat.netPix:
Pix- Awani501Pix- Awani501

Saturday, 5 January 2013

Kumpulan Rootmybox harumkan UTM


Kumpulan Rootmybox yang memenangi hadiah utama dalam dua kategori sempena Cabaran Pelan Perniagaan Teknousahawan 2012 di UTM, baru-baru ini.
JOHOR BAHRU 25 Dis. - Kumpulan yang dianggotai lima anak muda penuntut jurusan Sarjana Muda Rangkaian Komputer dan Sistem Keselamatan Universiti Teknologi Malaysia (UTM) muncul juara bagi dua kategori sempena Cabaran Pelan Perniagaan Teknousahawan 2012 yang diadakan baru-baru ini.
Kejayaan kumpulan Rootmybox yang dianggotai Arith Amami Mislan, 24; Muhd. Shaqeel Muhammad Soffian, 22; Eddy Azzahar Razak, 22; Mohd. Hazman Arif, 23, dan Mohd. Shazwan Jalani, 22, sekali gus mengetepikan cabaran 65 kumpulan lain yang turut bertanding.
Melalui penghasilan sistem keselamatan rangkaian yang diberi nama Virtual Private Network, pasukan itu menggondol hadiah utama kategori Poster dan Persembahan dengan masing-masing menyediakan hadiah wang tunai sebanyak RM300.


ITE Headquarters and College Central Fly-through Animation

Rising to Global Expectations with the ITE Advantage

A bold, new strategic blueprint to propel ITE into a global leader and strengthen ITE’s competitive advantages in Vocational and Technical Education, has been rolled out. Building on the strengths of the previous plan, the ITE Breakthrough, the new Plan will take ITE beyond being a world-class education institution to scale greater heights – to be a Global Leader in Technical Education. Entitled ITE Advantage, the new Plan will be the fuel to accelerate ITE’s transformation in its next phase of development from 2005 to 2009.

Having come this far to be recognised as a post-secondary technical institution of world-class standing, ITE is now extending its international reach, to establish a stronger international foothold and presence as a global leader in technical education. And the ITE Advantage Plan with its four Goals, nine Strategies and 19 programmes will provide the means for ITE to actualise its new vision. It was the result of extensive consultation with various stakeholders and customers.

Dr Law Song Seng, Director & CEO, ITE, said: “Over the years, ITE has created a unique brand of ITE education that is not only attractive to school leavers and adult learners, but also widely recognised locally and internationally for its relevance, quality and values. The new ITE Advantage will help ITE achieve its new vision of A Global Leader in Technical Education. It will create competitive advantages for ITE students and stakeholders in facing the challenges of a global economy. It is about building the next generation of a globally- competitive and highly-skilled workforce.”

Dr Law was speaking to journalists as he shared ITE’s new vision and details of the ITE Advantage Plan in a Media Conference held at ITE Headquarters on 2 February 2005.

Plugging Into the Global Grid
The ITE Advantage is ITE’s third strategic blueprint followng the successful completion of the previous two plans conducted in 1995 and 2000. To position ITE for new challenges in the ever changing global, social and economic environment, and Singapore’s vision to be a globalised, entrepreneurial and diversified economy, the Plan this round, has taken on a global slant.

Through fostering an openness to the world and adopting a greater outward orientation, ITE aims at developing secondary school leavers into “world ready” graduates capable of holding their own against their counterparts from anywhere in the world. Amidst a competitive environment toughened by globalisation, these graduates will have continued marketability and mobility through lifelong learning programmes. ITE will also focus on creating and strengthening its brand name on foreign shores and enhancing its core capabilities that would help raise enterprises’ know-how and competitive edge.

These are the outcomes to be elicited by the four Goals that form the thrust of ITE Advantage Plan: Goal 1 – An ITE Education for the Global Economy; Goal 2 – Lifelong Employability for ITE Graduates; Goal 3 – An Increased Global Presence for ITE and Goal 4 – An Enhanced Capability for Organisational Excellence.

What’s In the Bag
To help bring ITE closer to its vision, the ITE Advantage promises several new initiatives; among them, a Global Education Programme to shape the global mindset of students, new Joint Certifications with global industry players and the setting up of Centres of Technology in ITE Colleges to build and strengthen ITE’s core competencies in niche areas.

Going global seems the way to go, judging from the gung-ho reactions from staff and students. And they are all fired up to make the Plan works. Section Head/Nursing/ITE College East, Mrs Tan Wee King, enthused: “The unrelenting environment resulting from globalisation calls for continual innovation and a competitive spirit among staff. Lecturers who exude enthusiasm and model professionalism will inevitably fuel their students to step on their accelerators. With courage, commitment and determination, we will soldier on in this journey!”

Added Ms Tan Meng Huay, Course Manager/PE & CCA/ITE College Central: “The Plan opens up a new horizon beyond local boundaries. The Global Education Programme, for example, not only escalates the learning pace of our present systems, it also speeds up the adrenaline rush within us and further provokes our old mindset of the local education model. More avenues will be opened up to make learning and teaching more realistic and practical.”

And real-life lessons are what ITE College West student, Ridhwan Osman and 14 other ITE soccer players will be looking forward to during their impending attachment at Chulalongkorn University, Thailand, as part of a student exchange programme. “Soccer skills aside, the exposure to the differences in cultures, ethics and customs will be a step to learning more about the world outside of Singapore,” said Ridhwan excitedly.

ReNew Goes a Step Further
Ms Geraldine Yap, Head/Worker Education, ITE, is hopeful in placing greater emphasis on the relevance of ITE’s Part-time Education programmes for the global economy than just the local market. “This is more a mindset shift which would translate to a conscious effort to consider new perspectives in the current way part-time programmes are planned and run. In providing ITE graduates with lifelong opportunities to update their knowledge and skills to remain relevant and employable in global industries, we are advocating a brand of technical education which trancends the formal years of Pre-Employment Training education. Employers are recognising this uniqueness through their response to the ReNew programmes for adult learners,” she said.

Under the ITE Advantage Plan, ReNew, an initiative introduced in 2003 to enhance employability of adults, will receive a shot in the arm. The ReNew-Plus programme will go a step further to facilitate ITE graduates’ lifelong learning needs.

Angry Birds, Instagram, Facebook aplikasi 2012

Toronto: Angry Birds, Instagram dan Facebook kekal menjadi aplikasi yang mencatatkan jumlah muat turun paling tinggi pada 2012.

Namun begitu, beberapa aplikasi baru lain turut menarik perhatian pengguna telefon pintar dan komputer tablet.
Tahun lalu, secara purata setiap pengguna menghabiskan dua jam sehari menggunakan aplikasi mudah alih, yang mana ia naik 35 peratus berbanding tahun sebelumnya, menurut firma penganalisis, Flurry.

Data itu dijangka terus meningkat pada tahun ini.

“2012 adalah titik transformasi mengenai kaedah penggunaan memanfaatkan perisian,” kata Craig Palli, Naib Presiden Fiksu, syarikat pemasaran mudah alih.

Beliau berkata, perubahan terbesar adalah kecenderungan pengguna beralih kepada aplikasi bagi pelbagai tugasan harian.

Kategori seperti rangkaian sosial, media dan hiburan, penggubahan gambar, dan permainan, terus menarik minat pengguna, dengan Youtube dan Angry Birds menjadi aplikasi tiga paling utama, masing -masing bagi kategori percuma dan berbayar dalam App Store Apple.
Sementara itu, beberapa aplikasi dilancarkan tahun ini, menyertai kedudukan aplikasi yang paling banyak dimuat turun sepanjang tahun itu.

Permainan Draw Something bagi iPhone dan Android meraih populariti pantas selepas ia dilancarkan pada Februari, dan walaupun mencatatkan penurunan, ia masih menjadi aplikasi berbayar kedua paling dimuat turun bagi Android dan peranti Apple.

“Ia adalah satu yang besar dan pelbagai permainan cantuman membabitkan ramai pemain seperti LetterPress dan ScrambleWithFriends juga popular,” kata Palli.

“Tetapi dalam banyak kategori aplikasi, ia rata-rata menerima inspirasi daripada Words With Friends yang disifatkan sebagai suatu pembaharuan.” Songza, aplikasi pencarian lagu bagi iPhone, Android dan Kindle Fire, menyaksikan pertumbuhan tinggi dalam kedua-dua, Amerika Syarikat dan Kanada, yang mana ia kini adalah salah satu daripada tiga aplikasi utama dalam App Store.

Paper, aplikasi buku lakaran bagi iPad, dijangka menjadi salah satu aplikasi utama yang dilancarkan tahun ini menurut Dismo, satu syarikat penganalisis aplikasi.

Tetapi revolusi sebenar, menurut Palli, adalah dikalangan pengguna yang cenderung beralih kepada aplikasi untuk tugasan harian mereka, seperti mendapatkan teksi atau hotel, mengikuti perkembangan semasa atau melakukan bayaran dengan lebih banyak.

“Ia adalah pengguna yang beralih kepada aplikasi terlebih dulu dan kaedah tradisi menjadi perkara kedua,” kata Palli. - Reuters


NUS and Yale to create Singapore’s first liberal arts college


President Richard C. Levin and the Minister of Education for Singapore Dr. Ng Eng Hen.

The National University of Singapore (NUS) and Yale University announced today that they will establish Yale-NUS College, an autonomous college of NUS. The College will provide a new model of liberal arts education for Asia that will prepare high potential students — from Singapore, the rest of Asia and beyond — for leadership and engaged citizenship in today's complex and rapidly changing world.
The Yale-NUS College is Singapore's first liberal arts college, and the first with a full residential college model, integrating living and learning. It is also the first campus outside New Haven, Connecticut, that Yale University has developed.
The College will develop a new curriculum and integrated residential education model that is new to Singapore and Asia, and which can serve as a catalyst for innovation in liberal arts education in Asia and globally.
Building upon the best traditions of liberal arts education, which has broad-based critical inquiry and problem-solving at its heart, the College will have four distinctive features:
  • The new curriculum will synthesize Western and Asian perspectives with an integrated general education spanning the first two years of study before concentration on a major. A substantial period devoted to general education is unusual in many universities, where students ordinarily undergo specialized education in a field of study chosen before they matriculate.
  • Pedagogy will emphasize critical thinking and classroom interaction. Most classes will be taught in seminar-style with 18 or fewer students.
  • There will be three residential colleges, with about 330 students each, devoted to creating a sense of community where living and learning are intentionally integrated. Far more than dormitories, these are full residential colleges, adapted from those at Yale.
  • A rich array of extracurricular activities will focus particularly on developing leadership skills and teamwork and also encouraging community service.
At the end of their four-year program, students will graduate with a Bachelor of Arts or Science (Honours) from the Yale-NUS College, awarded by NUS.
Singapore Minister for Education Dr. Ng Eng Hen, who visited Yale in September 2010 as part of an official trip to the U.S. and Canada, witnessed the signing of the initial Memorandum of Understanding on this landmark collaboration by the two University presidents, NUS President Professor Tan Chorh Chuan, and Yale President Professor Richard C. Levin.
Said Dr. Ng, "Our education system strives to offer a wide array of programmes catered to students with different interests, academic inclinations and aptitudes. The Yale-NUS College will be a strategic addition to our university sector. It will offer another distinctive educational experience for top students, with its model of liberal arts education that is contextualised to Singapore and Asia."

Said Professor Tan Chorh Chuan, NUS President, "The most distinctive feature of NUS' education is that it is global, while at the same time, addressing the contexts of Asia. NUS' landmark partnership with Yale will give students at the Yale-NUS College the benefit of the unique strengths of both universities, brought together to create an enriching liberal arts educational experience that is both global and Asian. The Yale-NUS College is a bold and exciting initiative which provides an extraordinary opportunity to nurture talented young minds with the intellectual breadth and depth needed to address the complex issues of the future."
Said Professor Richard C. Levin, Yale President, "Yale is delighted to be a partner with NUS in developing a new liberal arts college curriculum and designing an entirely new campus. Just as Yale shaped liberal arts education in the U.S. in the 19th century, we believe the new Yale-NUS College can play a pivotal role in shaping the many liberal arts colleges likely to be built in Asia in the coming decades."

An Exciting New Opportunity

Located in Singapore in the heart of Asia, the Yale-NUS College will bring together two universities with extraordinary strengths and a strong shared vision. The College will welcome an inaugural class of about 150 in 2013 and grow to reach a steady state of 250 new students per year, for a total student population of about 1000.
The College will be headed by a College President who will be assisted by a team of Vice-Presidents. An international search for the President will begin immediately. The College will also appoint a number of Deans with responsibilities for faculty recruitment, student life, curriculum development, international and professional experience, and the development of educational resources and technology. Charles Bailyn, the A. Bartlett Giamatti Professor at Yale, has agreed to be the inaugural Dean of the Faculty, with responsibility for faculty recruitment.
The Yale-NUS College will be located to the north of the NUS main campus at Kent Ridge.
For more information about Yale-NUS College, please see the fact sheet and visit the new Yale-NUS College website, which is being launched today, at
Fact Sheet:
Download fact sheet

About National University of Singapore (NUS)

A leading global university centered in Asia, the National University of Singapore (NUS) is Singapore's flagship university which offers a global approach to education and research, with a focus on Asian perspectives and expertise.
NUS has 14 faculties and schools across three campuses. Its transformative education includes a broad-based curriculum underscored by multi-disciplinary courses and cross-faculty enrichment. Over 36,000 students from 100 countries enrich the community with their diverse social and cultural perspectives.
NUS' collaboration with Yale University builds on the University's framework for internationalization where NUS has been undertaking major initiatives with leading institutions around the world. NUS' current collaborations with overseas universities include a graduate medical school with Duke University, a conservatory of music with Johns Hopkins' Peabody Institute and concurrent and double degree programs with New York University's Law School. NUS also has a partnership with the Massachusetts Institute of Technology for over a decade, including dual Masters degree program in several engineering disciplines.
NUS has three Research Centers of Excellence (RCE) and 22 university-level research institutes and centers. It is also a partner in Singapore's 5th RCE. NUS shares a close affiliation with 16 national-level research institutes and centers. Research activities are strategic and robust, and NUS is well-known for its research strengths in engineering, life sciences and biomedicine, social sciences and natural sciences. It also strives to create a supportive and innovative environment to promote creative enterprise within its community.
For more information, please visit

About Yale University

Since its founding in 1701, Yale University has been committed to undergraduate education. Yale was instrumental in shaping the concept of liberal arts education for the United States in the Nineteenth Century, and its faculty and graduates proceeded to establish or serve as inaugural presidents of over 30 colleges and universities. Yale was also a pioneer in developing the concept of the extracurriculum to supplement classroom learning, and its system of residential colleges is unsurpassed in the United States.
In addition to Yale College for its undergraduates, Yale's other academic schools include the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences, which was the first to award the Ph.D. in the United States, as well as 13 Professional Schools. Its library is one of the three largest in the Western Hemisphere.
With its international activities dating back to the 1810s. Yale has been particularly focused in the last two decades on becoming a more global university.
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